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Connect to Paradise 

Welcome to the Digital Nomad's Journey to Energetic Mastery!

This program is tailored for individuals like you, who've embraced a lifestyle that transcends boundaries and challenges the limitations of time and space. Your unique skills are a force of change that the world beckons for. In our fast-paced, ever-evolving world, it's essential for us to harness the power of our 'go and flow' states to attain the best possible outcomes.

Maintaining a harmonious balance between work, rest, and play isn't just about overall well-being; it's about fostering a wealth of health and prosperity for generations to come. Research has demonstrated that in your pursuit of 'ultimate freedom,' particularly within the context of leadership, those who strive for personal freedom and self-actualization often become catalysts for inspiring others.

Join us on this transformative journey as we explore the art of leadership in a digital world, where 'ultimate freedom' is more attainable than ever before."


NOTE: Balinese cosmology for wellness, primarily involves the cultivation of one's energy body and understanding the energy cycles of the calendar to enhance our connection with "taksu" energy (bioelectric) and the frequencies of the sacred tirta spring for purification and spiritual vitality. It is important to note that Balinese practices do not encompass specific wellness modalities but rather emphasize alignment for overall well-being in daily life, primarily through sacred offerings, ngayah (selfless service) and celebratory connections.


It's All About Being Truly Free...


Flow-Based Living and Energy Awareness based on Balinese Ancient Cosmology taught by Jero Balian (Healer Priest)
& Experienced Nomad.

Program Overview

This program is a celebration of the modern Digital Nomad's journey. It's designed to help you tap into the wisdom of Bali's ancient culture and its principles of Tri Hita Karana, Wariga, and Taksu, which we've coined as 'Wariga Science.' Here, you'll learn to harness the power of both personal and connections universal energies, unlocking the full extent of your freedom.

In Bali, which means 'celebrations' at its core, you'll find an invitation to explore. Our aim is to guide you in connecting with the abundant flow of energy in your life and environment. You'll discover how to make choices that resonate with this profound source, enhancing your relationships and boosting your overall productivity for a more bountiful existence.

[J] 1: Introduction to Go & Flow-States Living

  • Understanding the concept of flow and energy in daily life

  • Differentiating between cognitive thinking and energy sensing

  • How the energetic system of Taksu works: days, time, cardinal directions & more


[J] 2: Mindset and Consciousness

  • Action research your intelligence between mindset and energy sensing

  • How to adapt your mindset to be in harmony with the day's energy

  • Enhancing consciousness and presence in daily activities; including holistic integration with technology


[J] 3: Relationships and Communication

  • Understanding how energy influences relationships and connections

  • Tips for effective and affective communications on different energetic days

  • Practicing conscious interactions with others and environment


[J] 4: Work and Productivity

  • How to plan work and tasks based on energy cycles

  • Achieving productivity by aligning with the energy flow

  • Handling work-related challenges on less favorable energy days


[J] 5: Meditation and Spiritual Growth

  • Connecting meditation and practices from a sacral energetic system

  • Using meditation to enhance energy awareness and alignment focus

  • Developing energy body for spiritual growth and intuition


[J] 6: Practical Application and Case Studies

  • Real-life examples of how to apply energy awareness

  • Analyzing case studies to make energy-aligned decisions

  • Group exercises and discussions


[J] 7: Building Aura and Taksu 

  • Understanding the concepts of aura and taksu (spiritual energy)

  • Techniques to build and strengthen your aura and taksu for optimal resonance

  • Using your aura and taksu for healing and energetic transmission & protection


[J] 8: Advanced Energy Techniques

  • Techniques for adjusting energy direction

  • Influencing energy around you for abundance

  • Utilizing energy for decision-making and problem-solving


[J] 9: Final Projects and Integration

  • Participants apply what they've learned to personal; including research collaborations and professional projects

  • Group sharing of experiences and insights for collaborative networks

  • Framework for continued self-guided practice


[J] 10: Graduation and Certification

  • Final assessments and evaluations at our organic tropical flower farm

  • Initiation & Certification for completing with blessing from the Kingdom at the Puri (King's Temple)

  • Next steps for continuing the journey of flow-based living and regeneration



DOWNLOADABLE  INTRODUCTORY Program. ONLINE ZOOM PROGRAMS for mobile access any time. Donation based Offerings. [F.A.Q]

Events, Conference Presentations & Speaker's Offerings Available.


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"The Go & Flow-States Living program has been a transformative experience. I've learned to see life from a different perspective and tap into my energy flow. It's like having a roadmap for my day, knowing when to work, rest, and connect with others effectively.” 

Girl Winking

Sophia R.

"The Relationships and Communication section was enlightening. I now understand how to connect with others on a deeper level. It's not just about what we say, but when we say it, and this has improved my relationships both personally and professionally.”

Ethan M.

"The Work and Productivity module was a lifesaver. Learning to plan my tasks based on energy cycles has revolutionized my work. Even on less favorable energy days, I can handle challenges more effectively, thanks to the insights gained in this program." 



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