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Wariga Science Health: Where Ancient Wisdom Meets Future Healing


Embark on a journey through the dynamic landscape of modern healing, where whispers of ancient wisdom mingle with the promise of tomorrow. Our "Wariga Science" unveils a tapestry woven with the leading edge of biomagnetic healing, inviting you to chart your own course to well-being with the ease of self-guidance. 

The heart of our healing art lies in synchronizing your energetic body, a dance of bioelectric resonance, with the expansive rhythm of cosmic electromagnetism. Rooted in Balinese insight, the energetic calendar becomes your guide, leading you towards a symphony of balance and vital rejuvenation. 

Envision your body as a symphony, where electrons and particles harmonize to compose the melody of health. Yet, life's discordant notes may disrupt this symphony. Fear not, for biomagnetism emerges as a maestro, wielding the magnetic forces to restore order to the chaos. 

Biomagnetic Therapy stands as a beacon, illuminating a path of hope in a world often shadowed by invasive remedies. It beckons you into a natural and non-intrusive realm, where the magnet's magic reinstates equilibrium within your energetic being, known as Taksu in Bali. As electrons gracefully return to their rhythmic dance, guided by Taksu techniques, biomagnetism sparks a cascade of healing, intricately woven into the cosmic dance—the ancient belief echoes, attributing it to divine interventions. Your journey to well-being unfolds in the embrace of this cosmic choreography.

Why should you consider this ancient-future marvel?

 Firstly, it's your gateway to the 'Ancient Future' – a blend of ancient wisdom and cutting-edge techniques for self-healing. This is WOW Bali solution to regenerative wellness; to reconnect with the healing secrets of our ancestors (energetics) while embracing the potential of modern science and the quantum realm narrative that we are made of an bioelectric body (aka spirit/soul). 

Secondly, it unveils the profound synergy between bioelectric and electromagnetic energies via biomagnetic therapy. As the world buzzes with electromagnetic waves, understanding how these energies interact can empower you to harness our healing and wellness potential. 

Lastly, biomagnetic therapy is your stepping stone towards regenerative medicine. It's an empowering journey toward influencing your health and well-being positively, an opportunity to take control of your life's narratives and share our ancient Wariga Science's highest offerings.

Embark on a scientific expedition to mitigate chronic pain, alleviate stress, boost overall well-being, and proactively prevent chronic diseases by immersing yourself in the magnetic allure of Wariga Science. This transcends mere therapeutic intervention; it represents a holistic healing paradigm, seamlessly amalgamating ancient wisdom with modern wellness insights. Welcome to a scientific frontier in the relentless pursuit of regenerative health and vitality. 

Here is a checklist of what to prepare for the patient when attending to meet our Balian healer. Remember we are dealing with an energetic body; bioelectric via epigenetic relatedness and regenerative  understanding. This is an integrated energetic healing solution in support of conventional medicine system.

  • Thorough medical history: Collect information about the patient's symptoms, duration of the ailment, and any contributing factors.

  • List of current symptoms: Note down the specific symptoms the patient is experiencing; including awareness of patient's energetics.

  • Openness to divine intervention: Be willing to consider the possibility of divine involvement via energetic transfer for the ailment

  • Respect for cultural and traditional beliefs: Show respect and reverence for the deities and divine energetic transfer and sources involved.

  • Willingness to follow guidance: Be open to following the instructions and guidance provided by the healer; accept and respect the energetic dynamics transfer.

  • Patience and commitment: Understand that the healing process may take time and require consistent effort..

  • Willingness to perform rituals and offerings: Be prepared to participate in rituals and make offerings in accordance with the traditions and beliefs of the deity associated with the ailment

  • Trust in the healer: Have confidence in the healer's energetics and ability to guide the healing process.

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