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Wariga Science

Explore the fascinating creative
potential of Balinese Cosmology, a dynamic concept that weaves together different aspects of life, philosophy, and consciousness into a beautifully intricate tapestry of opportunities and wonderment. Weave knowledge and wisdom into your soul, abundance in every goal.

Wariga Science is a significant part of Balinese cosmology, and its influence extends far beyond Bali's borders. While it might sound complex, at its heart, it's all about understanding the interplay of energies between dualism and theism; the divinecraft of the living arts. It's a way to dive deep into the realms of holistic cognitive integrations and spirituality, offering valuable insights into the nature of existence and the experience of offerings within divinity. Give it a try by fusing your products and services to this abundance energy, and you'll find yourself on a captivating journey of discovery.

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 Conscious Elixir 

DivineCraft: Inspirations in Product and Service Design Support. 

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Embark on a cross-cultural journey, with Bali as our colorful destination. In cultures all around the world,
the magic of creating products and designing services blends seamlessly with rich spiritual traditions. Picture this: communities steeped in these traditions pouring their hearts into crafting, decorating, dancing, and singing as part of sacred ceremonies. It's like an artistic explosion that connects them with the unseen side of their beliefs. This fusion of human creativity and divine grace results
in something truly extraordinary, divine crafting is an integral part of their rituals.


Now, let's zoom in on Wariga Science, inspired by Jero Wiku's action research of Balinese Essence of creativitiy. It's like a treasure map that captures this unique process, fueled by the energy called "taksu." But there's more to it! We'll uncover a surprising Wariga energetic calendar and connect yourself to the "anthra-prana" (sankrit for energy within); root word for entrepreneurship. It's a connection that paves the way for designers and artisans in Bali to embrace ethical principles in their creations.

So, what's the big picture? Our presentation is like a cultural lens that zooms in on how spiritual energy inspires and shapes products and services across diverse cultures. While we'll be circling around Bali's vibrant and sacred "living" culture, these insights have a much wider reach. They help us understand the dance between cultural traditions, spiritual energy, and the art of designing products and services in a sustainable and regenerative design way. Possibly a balancing of our momentary and consumerism system.

In short, we're on a quest to explore how spiritual energy fuels creativity in product and service design, with Bali and Beyond as our captivating backdrop. Join us on this journey of divinecrafting, where culture meets inspiration and design.

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Keywords: Cultural traditions, spiritual values, creative spark, product and service development, product brands, divinecraft

Cosmology Presentation Abstract |


Are you ready for an enchanting cross-cultural adventure?
Picture yo
urself in Bali, a land where the art of crafting and designing melds seamlessly
with ancient spiritual traditions.

It's a world where communities breathe life into their creations, pouring their hearts into crafting, dancing, sin
ging, and adorning sacred ceremonies. This is where human creativity dances hand
in hand with divine grace, giving birth to something truly extraordinary, an essential part of life's sacred rituals... design 
living and learning!

WOW's Presentation at Bali & Beyond Expo,
highlighting "Wariga Science" regenerative framework
in promotions of Bali's regenerative design culture. 
Representing Indonesia's Embassy under
Ambassador Ibnu Hadi in Ho Chi Minh City.

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 "Radiant Sun" 
by Moments in Expressions
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 Cultural Dynamism 
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 Fashion Design 
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Journey Tailored

Design Enthusiasts:
If you're passionate about design and fascinated by the interplay between culture, spirituality, and creativity,
this presentation will ignite
your curiosity.


Artists and Artisans:
Artists seeking to infuse their creations with deeper meaning and those who craft products with cultural significance will find valuable insights.


Whether you're a product designer, fashion designer,
or any other kind of designer, understanding how spiritual energy influences design
can inspire fresh, culturally
rich creations

Cultural Enthusiasts:
For those intrigued by the diverse tapestries of culture worldwide and the spiritual elements that shape them,
this journey offers a
fascinating exploration.


Business Innovators: Entrepreneurs and business leaders can gain insights into the fusion of ethics, culture,
and design, offering a unique perspective on product development and branding.


Academics and Researchers:
Scholars delving into the realms of design, culture, and spirituality will find a wealth of knowledge and potential research avenues.

Creative Entrepreneur  
Seeking Partnership
If you're simply looking for inspiration, a new perspective, or a captivating story of how culture and creativity collide, this journey is for you.


No matter your background or interests, our offerings promise to spark your imagination and leave you with a deeper appreciation for the intricate dance between culture, spirituality, and design. Contact us now to embark on this enlightening adventure!

DivineCraft Consultations via Wariga Science is also available via an Eight (8) Weeks program. For more information, please click here.

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