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Parallel Lines
WOW Bali's "META BASICS" of delve into the profound concept of inter-connectedness and its various dimensions, from cognitive understanding to energetic essence, as it uncovers the ancestral wisdom of feeling, sensing, and intuiting. Drawing from indigenous practices and the Balinese culture's vibrant traditions, it reveals how embracing inter-connectedness fosters respect for all life forms and biodiversity.

Through the lenses of embodied cognition and holistic integrative cognition, this narrative bridges the naturally cognition with the quantum realm of bioelectric and electromagnetic connections, shaping a future enriched by dynamic energetics and environmental stewardship. Ultimately, it highlights the unity and inclusivity inherent in this profound connection, enhancing conventional cognitive paradigms and developments for greater collaborations and a brighter tomorrow.

Journey Through Interconnectedness:

Exploring the Energetic Essence of Human Culture and Real Environmental Stewardship


The "META Basic" understandings of Wariga Science follows these nine kinds of understanding we will share with you below.


The first is interconnectedness.

Many times, when we discuss interconnectedness, we are referring to the modern cognitive understanding of it. Hence, we can use many words. However, our ancestors, our earlier fellow human beings, were not connected to this cognitive mind and overthinking. They were more connected to Carl Jung's understanding of knowledge, which is more about and include feeling, sensing, and intuiting not just only thinking. Their connection to interconnectedness was more energetic feeling, sensing and intuiting rather than a cognitive thought process.

So, if you consider this and relate it back to where documentation of the feeling, sensing, and intuiting connection exists, which is challenging to describe logically and literally, you can only trace it back to an energetic cycle. Some indigenous cultures, like the Balinese, still apply these energetic cycles in their activities, rituals, and ceremonies to define their connections and relationships with each other, nature, and divinity - the highest source of energy or universal consciousness.

Interconnectedness that extends to trees, the earth, the sky, the air, and all forms of life, both human and non-human, is through this energy of biodiversity. This allows us to have respect for all life because we realize that this collective interconnectedness energy is what completes us. All of this energy forms an ecosystem, and technically, all of it is interconnectedness; including this respect for biodiversity and all life is essential and us now realizing that it is crucial for our exitstence.

So when you migrate this into spirituality versus religion, it becomes clear. Spirituality is more about feeling, sensing, and intuiting knowledge, while religion is based on logic and the knowledge of books and absolute ideals. By shifting into spirituality, you shift into an energy of connections with biodiversity and eco-interconnectedness; which feed us and complete us.

This is why we preserve Balinese culture, and this is why cultural preservation of any culture, the origin of human culture that predates modern cognitive thinking, brings us back to embodied cognition or the process of holistic integrative cognition. Essentially, you can understand it, an if you follow an energetic calendar, you go one step further back into an energetic spirit essence, which is now being explained in the quantum realms of bioelectric and electromagnetic connections.

So, don't think that we are regressing to ancient modalities; technically, we are now realizing the future of these dynamics, since we can explain it now. Operating at this level of energetics leads to an understanding of environmental stewardship, your connection to your bio-region, and how you can serve that bio-region. This is where you true resonance comes from; the ability to effect and affect in just being. It involves your connection to the energetic lineage and the power pillars of environmental stewardship, which is not limited to the land and nature but also includes the people and the energy that is respected, honored, nurtured, and developed within this environment because each aspect of this environmental stewardship is different. They are all energetically unique; if you travel outside to neighboring island of Bali, you can sense the difference, even though it may look like the same landscape.

Lastly, we must discuss the real power of this environmental stewardship connection, which is the unity and inclusivity of everything within it: the people, nature, divinity; essence of spirit which is hard to define in the thoughts of knowing but rather in the feeling, sensing and intuiting connection. Basically that is why we feel well or not is based on this and the best way to achieve this is through that energetic body and holistic integrated cognition. Of course, in the cognitive world, this is a challenge for anyone and this is why we want to support your true regenerations starting with BEING.


Our apologies for the low bits transmission of text and small dynamics of transmission via the visual above. We look forward to connecting with you soon in real time for optimal regenerations.

by Jero Wiku

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