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WOW co-founder believes that our founder is the UNIVERSE; our collective consciousness of 'what is."

Albert Einstein believes that "The only source of knowledge is experience." WOW co-founder extend this beliefs with "Knowing from experience and taking actions develop real consciousness; combined in the spirit of together, we can have dynamic affects for the planet." Mr. Hai Dai (also known as "Prof. Guru") is the visionary behind "Sustainable Dynamics" and orchestrates WOW Bali's Sustainable and Regenerative framework and initiative.

Hello friends and family,

My name is Hai Dai, first son of first sons from the ancient Imperial City of Hue, Vietnam; originated from the Dong Son Dynasty, land of the hyper creative culture here in Asia. I am a King's men like my father before him and my grandfathers before that to protect these basic ancient knowledge of family and community. My action research from being born in the East and raised in the West and now living in Bali has helped me visualized WOW's International frameworks.  Sustainable and regenerative frameworks are refinements from ancient cultures that is still showcased in today's Balinese living culture. These simple to do and simple to share processes were mainly reminded through families for optimum human's transformative development. In today's times, WOW has reframed these ancient wisdom; fused with modern methodologies, for the development of lean cultures and/or  community-based developments.

Ancient wisdom are just human's highest consciousness that has transcended time and space. Our transcendental consciousness comes from human's highest dynamics, which is our creativity! Our creativity used for our dynamic wellness develops hyper creative autonomy within; these modalities of creativity for personal wellbeing develops our highest aptitude of human intelligence. Ancient cultures called this process the 'arts of living.'

Then later through human development (due to the knowledge industries) lost our creative ways when we gave up our rights to not to know our self; unless someone of authority told us so. Now, we have been conditioned to believe that creativity and creative autonomy are only from the ARTS such as in music, art, dance and such and real creativity are only derivatives of such mediums. The categorization and marginalization of creativity; necessary for a monetary based systems, trained our modern perspectives and lamed our abilities to self create.

The creations of our own dynamic wellness and to develop this simple creative autonomy is our birthright and possible our highest gifts of being human. These creative dynamics are not only for healing ourselves but every relationship we come in contact with; both good and bad exchanges if we can learn from them. Even though today's creativity and the arts has created separations in our personal growths and development in the modern world, we can still "remember" how reconnect us back to our self knowing (via cellular memories) and make the right creative actions for our personal dynamics... this is our 'WOW Dynamics!"

This simple reminder of our understandings in knowing, taking actions (including learning from our mistakes), and applying ancient (high) consciousness via human's highest dynamics of 'creativity' (fun and intelligence according to Einstein) will set us FREE. Life can presents itself as modern but we as human, of biology and chemistry, were never modern.  "It's a bit flip really!" I believe! A simple code in knowing SELF that enables our highest consciousness from within; at a cellular level, transmit self knowledge! This simple expansion in knowing is what learning is all about. It is the process that the Latin called 'educo', the root word of education, to pull the knowledge from within... "to know thyself!" 

WOW believes this is our highest celebrations and living in this abundance so that we can join all of the living creatures; to sustain and regenerate effortlessly on our blue planet is our rights. Come share with us!

Respectfully Yours,

Hai Dai

Creative Director
WOW Co-Founder

Meet Hai Dai...

Keynote and Plenary Speaker for the First International Forum on Innovations for Indigenous Peoples' Empowerment and Social Transformation for Republic of the Phillipines Mountain Province State Polytechnics College and Local Government Unit of Mountain Province on April 7th, 2018

Presentation: Indigenous Consciousness
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Research Advocacy Award 2018 and Keynote Speaker at the Conference on Sustainable and Regenerative Developments with the theme "Regenerative Research as means for building Sustainable Communities." on April 9th-11th, 2018

Action Research as an affective tool for community based sustainable development.

Resource Speaker at Training on Research Methods for Regenerative Development Studies for the International Association of Scholarly Publishers, Editors & Reviewers on April 11th-14th, 2018

Research Method for Regenerative Development Studies via Human-Centered Design.

Resource Speaker on Collaborative Workshop on Social Innovations via the ARTS at the University of Perpetual Help on April 16th, 2018

Transcending the modalities of the ARTs; from performance to proformance for sustainable and regenerative development.  

Current 2018 Achievements:

Chair of the Asian Conference on Sustainable and Regenerative Development 2018 at the Bluewater Panglao, Bohol, Philippines on April 9-11, 2018. Hosted by the Asian Association for Teachers of Research.


"Modern Guru of Regenerative Development!" Dr. Genaro Virador Japos
"Your are a great Prof.!" Dr. Anik Yuesti Dwi Adnyana
"One of the most creative man in Bali" Mr. Agung Rai of ARMA
"Hai Dai is changing the world" Mrs. Rae Hiryama Takemoto
"Your view, insights and constructive & positive criticism inspire and gives us regenerative motivations. We appreciate you Prof. Hai Dai" Ramm Sabangan
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