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WOW co-founder believes that our founder is the UNIVERSE; our collective consciousness of "What Is."

Albert Einstein famously asserted that "Experience is the only source of knowledge." Building upon this foundational belief, the co-founders of WOW expand upon this idea, emphasizing that true consciousness emerges from both experiential learning and subsequent actions. We enhance this when individuals come together in a spirit of unity, their collective efforts can generate powerful and transformative effects for our planet. Hence we play, pray and eat together here in Bali.

One of the visionary leaders behind these principles is Jero Wiku Hai Dai, also affectionately known as "Prof. Guru" in the academic circles and "local genius" within Bali's Kingdom. Hai Dai is the original nomad from Silicon Valley over 30 years ago; on his search for real liberations. A maverick Director of Multimedia/New Media working with DDB Needham & Satchi & Satchi Advertising Agency before the Internet era; then join the original JavaSoft programing language team at Sun Laboratory in doing stellar UX for the America Online Anywhere Project. He now reside in Bali for the past 15 plus years as a Jero Balian (healer priest) for the Kingdom of Bali in Klungkung supporting the highest linage King of Bali, Ida Dalem, to spearheads "Community Regeneration" Initiative based on Balinese Spiritual Cosmology. He is the visionary behind WOW Bali's Internationally renown comprehensive meta frameworks dedicated to regeneration of creative cultures... WOW Bali presents our Hai Dai (meaning Ocean Grand).

Hello friends and family,

WOW!!! I am Hai Dai, the first son of first sons, hailing from the ancient Imperial City of Hue, Vietnam—a lineage that traces its roots back to the Dong Son Dynasty, a cradle of remarkable creativity in the heart of Asia. I am a guardian of ancestral wisdom and generations of scholar warriors; following in the footsteps of my forefathers, entrusted with the sacred knowledge of family and community.

My journey, born in the East, nurtured in the West, and now residing in the enchanting realm of Bali, has allowed me to envision the International frameworks of WOW Dynamics—a vision that celebrates sustainability and regeneration, drawing inspiration from the enduring Balinese way of life. These are the simple yet profound practices passed down through generations, fostering the optimal transformation of the human spirit. In today's era, WOW has re-imagined these ancient truths; narratives that seamlessly integrate with modern methodologies to cultivate lean cultures and community-based developments. Possibly the solution for the Hail Mary Pass approach to sustainable and regenerative developments.

Ancient wisdom embodies the pinnacle of human consciousness, transcending the constraints of time and space. This transcendent wisdom springs from our highest wellspring—a boundless creativity within. This creativity, when harnessed for our holistic well-being, kindles the flame of hyper-creative autonomy within us. These facets of creative expression, vital for our personal flourishing, unlock the zenith of human intelligence. Throughout history, various cultures have termed this journey as the 'art of living' and the "essence of being" in attracting optimal abundance.

Over time, the advent of knowledge industries diverted us from our creative essence, relinquishing our right to self-discovery to the authorities of knowledge. We were conditioned to believe that creativity and creative autonomy resided solely within artistic realms like music, art, and dance. This categorization, necessary for a monetary-based society, shaped our modern perspective and confined our capacity for self-creation.

However, the power to craft our dynamic well-being and nurture our creative autonomy is our birthright—a potential gift of profound significance as humans. These creative dynamics are not only instruments for self-healing but also transformative forces that ripple through every facet of our relationships, including the lessons learned from both positive and challenging exchanges. Despite the current divides between creativity and personal development in the modern world, we can "remember" how to reestablish a connection with our inner selves through cellular memories and enact purposeful creative actions—a phenomenon we term as 'WOW Dynamics." A shift toward holistic cognitive integration, the energetic realm.

This simple reawakening, which encompasses understanding, taking action (including learning from our missteps), and tapping into ancient consciousness before extremity of language; through the prism of 'creativity' (which Einstein deemed the fusion of fun and intelligence), offers us liberation. While life may present itself in a modern guise, we, as beings of biology and chemistry, remain anchored in our primal essence of the soul (the energy body). It's a paradigm shift, a reversal of sorts, I firmly believe! At its core, it is a fundamental code of self-awareness that allows our highest consciousness to flourish from within—at the bioelectric cellular level, it transmits self-knowledge when we are sacred. This expansion of self-understanding constitutes the essence of learning, echoing the Latin term 'educo,' the etymological root of education, signifying the act of drawing forth knowledge from within—"to know thyself!"

WOW ardently upholds that this journey of self-discovery and expansion is our grand celebration, and living in this abundance empowers us to harmonize with all living things. To effortlessly sustain and regenerate upon our verdant planet is our birthright. Join us, and let's share in this wondrous tapestry of existence!

Respectfully Yours,


Hai Dai

Creative Director & Co-Creator
WOW Co-Founder

Meet Hai Dai...

transdisciplinary research certificate.jpeg

Asian Association for Interdisciplinary Research recognized Hai Dai, Wow Bali co-founder, for his expertise and knowledge on Transdisciplinary Concepts, Methods & Techniques.

Day 2 workshop presentation after Prof. Emma Porio of Ateneo De Manila University 

Keynote and Plenary Speaker for the First International Forum on Innovations for Indigenous Peoples' Empowerment and Social Transformation for Republic of the Phillipines Mountain Province State Polytechnics College and Local Government Unit of Mountain Province on April 7th, 2018

Presentation: Indigenous Consciousness
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Research Advocacy Award 2018 and Keynote Speaker at the Conference on Sustainable and Regenerative Developments with the theme "Regenerative Research as means for building Sustainable Communities." on April 9th-11th, 2018

Action Research as an affective tool for community based sustainable development.

Resource Speaker at Training on Research Methods for Regenerative Development Studies for the International Association of Scholarly Publishers, Editors & Reviewers on April 11th-14th, 2018

Research Method for Regenerative Development Studies via Human-Centered Design.

Resource Speaker on Collaborative Workshop on Social Innovations via the ARTS at the University of Perpetual Help on April 16th, 2018

Transcending the modalities of the ARTs; from performance to proformance for sustainable and regenerative development.  

Chair of the Asian Conference on Sustainable and Regenerative Development 2018 at the Bluewater Panglao, Bohol, Philippines on April 9-11, 2018. Hosted by the Asian Association for Teachers of Research.

Diverse Past Achievements:

Another Brick in the Wall.


"Modern Guru of Regenerative Development!" Dr. Genaro Virador Japos
"Your are a great Prof.!" Dr. Anik Yuesti Dwi Adnyana
"One of the most creative man in Bali" Mr. Agung Rai of ARMA
"Hai Dai is changing the world" Mrs. Rae Hiryama Takemoto
"Your view, insights and constructive & positive criticism inspire and gives us regenerative motivations. We appreciate you Prof. Hai Dai" Ramm Sabangan
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HAi DAi's Thoughts on AI

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