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In a rapidly evolving world, the demand for leaders equipped with a diverse skill set that encompasses emotional intelligence, cross-cultural competency, and cutting-edge communication strategies is more pressing than ever. We propose the establishment of a groundbreaking academic program that transcends traditional boundaries, merging regenerative leadership principles with social-emotional learning, cultural dynamism (in the form of spiritual tech), and the transformative power of new media and branding; inclusive of Ai and innovative technology.

Our vision is to cultivate a new generation of leaders who not only navigate the complexities of a technologically driven society but also understand and embrace the profound impact of cultural dynamics from one of humanity living culture and spirituality on effective leadership. This innovative program seeks to bridge the gap between seemingly disparate disciplines, fostering an integrative and adaptive approach that harnesses the highest creative potential of social-emotional intelligence, cultural understanding, and the latest communication technologies for co-resilience in actions.

At the 2019 International Higher Education Research Forum, Dr. Hee "Joh" Liang support Hai Dai's research SEL research. 2:21 MIN.

Dr. Joh is Chairman of Singapore Polytechnics University and former Director of National Computer Board of Singapore in charge of the Education Cluster gave insights to the needs of Industry 4.0 here in Asia and support. 


Regenerative Leadership Program

Program Overview: Integrating Social-Emotional Learning via Cultural Dynamism (Spiritual Tech), and Digital Literacy for Optimal Regenerative Communications. The workshop has a total duration of a ninety (90) minutes lecture and three (3) hours self-directed contextual learning per week; spread over sixteen (16) weeks semester. It covers the best techniques for regenerative design thinking via evolution design thinking processes and holistic cognitive integrations for optimal community extension developments, in collaboration Puri Agung Klungkung and Puri Agung Payangan.


Program and Instructional Design : Jero "Prof" Hai Dai


This program aims to empower students with the skills and insights necessary to thrive as leaders in an interconnected and diverse global landscape. By combining regenerative leadership strategies with the nuances of social-emotional learning, cultural dynamism (explored through spiritual tech), and the transformative capabilities of new media, we envision a curriculum that transcends traditional boundaries and equips participants to navigate the complexities of contemporary leadership roles via the mobility of digital nomads.


Leadership in the 21st century demands a multifaceted skill set that goes beyond technical expertise. By integrating social-emotional learning, cultural dynamism, and digital proficiency, our program responds to the growing need for leaders who can communicate effectively, navigate diverse cultural contexts, and leverage technology for positive change. We believe that an interdisciplinary approach will not only enrich the educational experience but also produce graduates who are resilient, adaptable, and capable of inspiring meaningful change via co-creations.

In the following sections, we will delve into the specific components of the proposed program, outlining the curriculum design, collaborative efforts, and the potential impact on students and the broader community. We invite you to join us on this transformative journey as we strive to redefine the landscape of leadership education and prepare students to meet the challenges of a dynamic and interconnected world.

This introduction sets the stage for our dynamic sixteen (16) weeks semester (10 credits) programs at Universitas Mahasaraswati, providing a glimpse into the program's goals, objectives, and the unique combination of elements that make it innovative and essential for preparing future regenerative leaders.

Objectives and Goals:

  • Objective: Foster regenerative leadership skills by combining social-emotional learning via cultural dynamism, and new media.

  • Goals: Enhance emotional intelligence, cultural awareness, and regenerative communication skills for effective and regenerative leadership.

Target Audience:

  • Undergraduate and graduate students from diverse disciplines seeking a holistic approach to leadership development.

  • Open to individuals interested in exploring the intersection of spirituality, technology, and leadership.

Curriculum Design:

  • Courses include modules on emotional intelligence, cross-cultural communication, spiritual tech applications, and leveraging new media for regenerative leadership.

  • Emphasis on experiential learning through projects connecting theory with real-world applications.


  • Foster collaboration between the leadership, technology, and cultural studies departments.

  • Encourage joint projects where students apply leadership principles in diverse cultural contexts using technological solutions.

Resources and Faculty:

  • Encourage faculty with expertise in leadership, cultural studies, technology, and/or spiritual tech participation.

  • Invest in resources such as immersive technology labs and platforms for new media exploration.

Duration and Format:

  • Semester-long program with a mix of in-person and virtual components.

  • Include immersive experiences and retreats for deepening cultural understanding and spiritual tech exploration.

Assessment and Evaluation:

  • Assessments include reflective journals, project presentations, and a portfolio showcasing leadership growth and applied skills within social entrepreneurship.

  • Use qualitative and quantitative outcomes and data to evaluate the impact on emotional intelligence, cultural competence, and communication effectiveness.

Industry Collaboration:

  • Collaborate with technology hub and companies, cultural organizations, and spiritual tech innovators for guest lectures, workshops, and real-world projects.

  • Facilitate internships or partnerships for students to apply their skills in professional settings.

Student Support:

  • Provide mentorship programs connecting students with industry leaders and spiritual tech experts.

  • Offer counseling services that integrate spiritual and emotional well-being.


  • Define and allocate funds for technology infrastructure, guest speakers, and cultural immersion experiences.

  • Explore partnerships with organizations that align with the program's goals for potential financial support via "sustainable dynamics" framework.

Stakeholder Involvement:

  • Establish an advisory board with representatives from technology, cultural studies, and spiritual tech fields.

  • Engage students, faculty, and industry partners in regular feedback sessions for continuous improvement.


  • Continuously update the curriculum to align with evolving innovative technology and cultural trends.

  • Seek ongoing partnerships and sponsorships to ensure the program's long-term viability.

Our approach aims to create an regenerative leadership program that leverages social-emotional learning, cultural dynamics, and new media for regenerative and effective/affective communication in leadership roles.

Curriculum Outline:

First Day Briefing/Program Review

Program's Stocks of Knowledge: Background & History


We're thrilled to announce the launch of our Regenerative Leadership initiative in collaboration with Universitas Mahasaraswati in Denpasar and the Kingdom of Puri Agung Klungkung through a signed MOU.

Join our mission, where interdisciplinary collaborations and international partnerships will bring new revivals of one of humanity oldest living culture; the Balinese cosmology to promote regenerative cultures. We're committed to adaptive leadership, evolutionary ecosystem thinking, and human-centered designs via bioregionalism for a brighter future.

Dive into the key moments of the Zoom meeting held on November 20, 2023. Join visionary partners, such as Professor Birgitte Andersen from the UK Big Innovation Center, as she aligns her vision with the dedicated efforts of "Prof" Jero Hai Dai in Bali. Together, they investigate the transformative fusion of "technology" and Artificial Intelligence, weaving the fabric of optimal regenerative development through the lens of "spiritual technology." This brief video summarizes the spirit of their joint efforts, pointing us towards a future where regeneration takes center stage. For the full video and a brief of their initial collaborative exchange, please contact us.


For full video and brief of their initial collaborative exchange, please contact us.

Transformative Communication Showcase! 🎙️ Capturing a glimpse of our presentation featuring impactful case studies with over 40 primary students. Presented to Rektor Marlowe Bandem of STIKOM Bali, the original IT university. Representing the Puri and Kingdoms of Bali, with Tjok Susila for Ida Dalem and Tjok Utarra, Spiritual King of Payangan, along with Pak Wayan Merta of Yayasan Bali Asih Merta. 🌺 #RegenerativeCommunications #ITInnovation #BaliLeadership 🚀

WOW Bali is honored to be a part of the Vision of Peace event in Sudaji, Buleleng at OmunityBali EcoVillage, held in August 2022. Special thanks to Prince Damien Dematra, the visionary behind Vision of Peace, and Bunda Erna Santoso of Yayasan Peduli Anak Indonesia and Pak ZanZan our gracious host a Ommunity.

We appreciate the support from the Vision of Peace family and to have received the Mother Teresa Award, acknowledging that peace is a collective effort via the developments of regenerative leadership. As we reflect, let's renew our commitment to a world of tangible peace, bridging divides and fostering understanding. May the Vision of Peace inspire us to work together for a brighter future.

Witness the awe-inspiring showcase of WOW Bali programs unveiled and workshops generously shared at the FEALAC (Forum for East Asia-Latin America Cooperation) International Youths Conference in 2015. Immerse yourself in the moment when 36 Youth Ambassadors from countries around the globe passionately endorsed the WOW Dynamics Initiative, pledging their support to champion regenerative developments. Here, captured in their heartfelt testimonials, lies the testament to the profound impact of this WOW Bali's programs 

wow youths award AMMY.jpeg

WOW Youth Champions at AMMY: Igniting Change through Social Entrepreneurship! 💡🌏 Embracing dynamic wellness and creative autonomy, these youth leaders prove that regenerative development is not just a goal—it's their reality. 🌈✨ #WOWLeaders #SocialEntrepreneurs #YouthPower 🌟


Having participated in a three-hour Future Fusions session at the S21 Core Hub, we garnered valuable insights into the intersection of AI and cryptocurrency. Kumardev Chatterjee's visionary approach and commitment to innovation and mentorship in AI and Blockchain technology resonated deeply with the WOW Bali team and Jero Hai Dai. This experience not only offered us a clear vision of the AI future but also provided glimpses into the potential contributions of social emotional learning via spiritual tech to the ongoing developments in AI for years to come.

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