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WOW Bali is thrilled to revamp our "Meta Basics" research on the Balinese cultural cosmology known as "Wariga Science" to partnered with CoRE Tech Art Lounge in Kerobokan; Bali's elite innovative global technology hub, specializing in Web 3.0 & Ai. Our regenerations will include WOW and CoRE's supporters and partners. Our mission, as Jero Balians (spiritual programmers as described by J. Stephen Lansing's research), is supported by the Kingdom of Bali in Puri Agung Klungkung and Puri Agung Payangan. Our aim is to enable and further harmonize Bali's environment through the lens of Balinese cosmology and inspire the next generations of programmers the framework and tools to navigate technology more consciously.

In today's fast-paced world, where information spreads rapidly, there is often a misunderstanding of Balinese cultural knowledge, influenced by anthropology, epistemology, and modern cognitive perspectives. Modern thinking has fragmented the dynamics of an ancient culture like Bali, as discussed in "Tribal Epistemologies: Essays in the Philosophy of Anthropology," edited by Helmut Wautischer. Our Balinese generation is navigating a new era of digital connections, disrupting the traditional mode of sharing knowledge through collective activities. Therefore real change and adaptation can only happen through the proper sense making.

Balinese culture places great importance on experiential learning exchanges and holistic cognitive integrations utilizes a calendar based on transit astronomy to optimize our spiritual energy known as "Taksu." This practice helps us maintain connections with our community, nature, and spirituality, rooted in the water culture of Agama Tirta and energetics. The adoption of Hinduism on a national level aligns with our reverence for the Vedic texts, which are a source of ancient human wisdom.

It's true that we can relate ancient cosmology to modern science, from understanding bioelectricity (Taksu) as a way to connect with larger cosmological concepts of electromagnetic via quantum realms to simplify balance. However, for those who value living for a higher purpose such as in sacrifices for family, generations, and ancestors via the spirituality from divinity from the seen and unseen (Sekala and Niskala) perspectives, will better understand the essential aspects of Balinese devotions and existence.

We aspire to engage in collaboration with CoRE Tech Art Lounge and modern programmers (technologists) to develop regenerative dynamics that bridge spirituality with our ancient cosmology and traditions, thus safeguarding our culture and possibly the human culture. These traditions are centered on promoting harmony with self/others, nature, and divinity through Tri Hita Karana (the three paths of good living) to foster sustainable and regenerative living.

Our mission is to form partnerships with innovative technologies on a global scale to preserve our way of life. In return, we aim to share the sanctity of our cultural dynamics, offering modern living in a state of harmony, health, and abundance.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions

  1. Why hasn't Bali shared its cosmology until now?
    Our exposure to rituals and the sacred transmission of traditions does not primarily occur through literal and logical sharing. Instead, it mainly occurs through sacred and secret processes, which involve sensory transmissions via "Taksu" spiritual energy; now known by science as Bioelectric. There is very little explicit cognitions information transfer involved; instead, it is more about experiential and energetic feeling, sensing and intuiting, which often referred to as "mula ketoh," which translates to "just like that."


  2. Is it true that the Balinese focus on the energetic aspect of wellness rather than physical modalities?
    Balinese spiritual culture does not revolve around the pursuit of the highest ideals and its derivatives for physical body, but rather, it centers on the exchange of taksu energy; bioelectric body and its connections with life force, know as electromagnetic with a larger cosmos within the quantum realm. This exchange is facilitated by the transit cycles in connections based on a sacred calendar, and the focal point of this energetic transmission; from the cosmic force is a heart and mind coherence. This is at the heart to heart are essentials to spiritual sharing method we understand.


  3. Can Balinese cosmology through Wariga science contribute to overall well-being and prosperity?
    Yes we believe so based on our ancient living culture in the midst of modernity. It is entirely rooted in the transmission of frequencies and vibrations to promote adaptive and transformative leaders. In short, the backbone of adaptive and transformative leaderships promote innovations that lies in the inspirations driven by curiosity for ongoing learning and relating, as well as resilience in adapting to maximize contributions and acceptance. Ngayah, in service," to showcase transmission of energy is the highest of returns of investments.


  4. What are the dynamics of cultural regenerative integration in collaborations with Web 3.0 and H*AI (human centered artificial intelligence)developments?
    Because of the diverse dynamics of cognitive transmission in learning and sharing knowledge especially through the power of AI, which stem from varying approaches in anthropology and epistemology of modern thinking and cognitions, Our user experience, "spiritual tech" offerings, characterized by personalized regenerative dynamics; holistic integrated cognitions, will distinguish our collaborative efforts and regenerative offerings within the realms of Web 3.0 and AI.


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