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Parallel Lines
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Navigating Technology Consciously.

In the realm of Conscious Technology, we find the profound Tri Hita Karana Navigator, drawing their inspiration from the ancient Balinese philosophy of happiness known as Tri Hita Karana. This philosophy unfolds a tapestry of three distinctive harmonies: a harmony with people, a harmony with nature, and a harmony with spirit.

The Tri Hita Karana model materializes as an intricate network of transformative arches, converging at their zeniths to craft a continuous feedback loop; karmic check and balance. Here, harmony with people undergoes a metamorphosis into harmony with nature, courtesy of its connection with harmony with spirit. In a similar fashion, harmony with nature transforms into harmony with spirit, all facilitated by harmony with people. Completing this cycle, harmony with spirit undergoes its own transformation into harmony with people, once again mediated by harmony with nature.

Now, the Tri Hita Karana Navigator of Conscious Technology takes this venerable model and reimagines it as an interface encompassing three distinct spheres: the biosphere, the ethnosphere, and the technosphere. The biosphere pulsates with vitality through the interplay of nature and spirit, offering the possibility of comprehension by forging a link between scientific and spiritual inquiries. Likewise, the ethnosphere comes to life through the interaction between human and spirit, with the potential for understanding; connections through the juxtaposition of localized and creative investigations sensing, feeling and intuiting, the other three aspects of knowing according to Carl Jung. Finally, the technosphere teems with vibrancy through the interdependence of human and nature, its essence unlocked through the fusion of economic and globalized exploration.

At the crux of Tri Hita Karana's harmonious peaks lies a tapestry of energy vectors within an integrated system. The equilibrium of the entire system hinges upon the strength distributed across these vectors of force. Accessing them requires a delicate equilibrium, where apparent dual modes of inquiry converge at the interstitial spaces; documented and action research via an energetic calendar within the three Tri Hita Karana spheres. In practical terms, achieving harmony with people entails balancing the micros (sekala/ seen and niskala/ unseen) and local and global perspectives. In translation for the modern world to better understand, a balance in reducing stress and uplift in positive projections. Harmony with nature (human nature included) involves harmonizing the exchange (offerings/ economic) and spiritual/energetic dimensions, and harmony with spirit/energy is the creative balance between the artistic and the scientific.

The Anthropocene era emerges as a symptom, signaling an unchecked proliferation of the technosphere through one-sided technoscientific globalization. This expansion has weakened the energy vectors fundamental to Tri Hita Karana's harmony. The solution lies in reinvigorating these vectors through interdisciplinary sense-making processes, where dual domains of expertise converge to activate non-dual modes of participatory design. For every scientist, there should be an artist; for every economist, a spiritual guide; and for every denizen of the post-industrial world, a citizen of the developing world; a polarize/magnetize resonance for transcendence.

Thus, the Tri Hita Karana’s Navigator of Conscious Technology extends their guiding hand to navigate the shifting paradigms of the early 21st century. They paves the way from the emerging future of the ecological revolution towards a harmonious realignment of the technosphere with the biosphere and ethnosphere and much much more.

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