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Wow Sekar Bumi Program:

Step into our visionary program dedicated to the "holistic integration" of agriculture, culture, and tourism. Within this integrated farming initiative, our mission is to rekindle our profound connection with the essential elements and the roots of harmony via bioregionalism in Bali. These fundamentals have frequently eluded us in the era of cognitive education within our modern society. Our conscious and transdisciplinary learning methodology revolves around nurturing a regenerative design culture through sustainable farming practices and fusion of experiences – the boundless possibilities of transformation!

Foundation of Farming

The Importance of Farming: Understanding the fundamental role of farming and its impact on society and ecology. Explore how agriculture is the backbone of civilization, providing essential food and resources.

  1. From Seed to Flower Arrangement: Delve into the entire process from seed to flower arrangement in the context of farming. Learn about the lifecycle of plants, cultivation, and the design aspect of flower arrangement.
  2. Consciousness and Connection: Explore the connection between spirituality and the land, emphasizing the importance of a conscious approach to farming. Understand the profound relationship between humans and the environment.

  3. Humanity and Ecology: Discuss the critical role of farmers in maintaining the balance between humanity and the environment. Examine the responsibilities and challenges of sustainable farming.

Education and Learning Methods

Evaluate the effectiveness of teaching methods, both digital and hands-on, in the educational context. Discover innovative ways to impart knowledge about farming and related subjects for integrations of interdisciplinary applications.

  1. Adaptive Leadership: Discuss how farming can develop skills in adaptive leadership and innovation for all sector via wariga science.  Explore how the lessons learned in agriculture can be applied to leadership in various industries.

  2. Digital Campaigns: Plan for digital campaigns to share knowledge and content about agriculture, culture, and tourism. Understand the importance of using technology to educate and promote sustainable practices.

Holistic Farming Approach

Discover the holistic connection between agriculture, spirituality, culture, and tourism. Gain insights into how farming is interwoven with various aspects of life and society.

  1. Cultural Dynamism: Recognize the vital role of cultural dynamics in the development of communities and regions. Understand how cultural elements such as "Wariga Science" influence farming practices and community dynamics.

  2. Bio-Regionalism: Understand the significance of the local environment and its energy in agriculture and society. Explore the concept of aligning farming practices with the unique characteristics of a region.

  3. Sustainability and Regeneration: Explore the concept of regenerative development in the context of farming. Learn how sustainable practices can regenerate the land and promote long-term ecological health.

Economic and Social Aspects

Analyze the economic aspects of agriculture, including market needs and sustainability. Examine the economic implications of farming and how it can contribute to livelihoods.

  1. Transformative Skills: Focus on how Bali's farming can transform individuals and communities, promoting wellness, wisdom, and ethics. Explore the personal and societal development aspects of agriculture and the "antara prana," root word for entrepreneurship and its true meaning of the power within us. Plus its useful relatedness and connectedness skills for any departments and profession.

  2. Tourism and Agriculture: Understand the interplay between tourism and agriculture for sustainable development. Examine how tourism can support and be supported by farming in a mutually beneficial way.

FULL Program Curriculum:  [Google Doc]
International Programs and Interdisciplinary Research Programs AVAILABLE.

The video clips presented herein are derived from Professor Jero Hai Dai's lecture on WOW Sekar Bumi's comprehensive transdisciplinary framework for "integrated farming," which was delivered at Warmadewa University during the Faculty of Agricultural Curriculum Competency Workshop. Furthermore, supplementary video materials feature insights provided by esteemed scholars, including Professor Nyoman Sadra of Warmadewa University and Professor Nyoman Rai from Udayana University.

Messages from our Instructors:

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ketut Subagia.jpeg

Ketut Subagia

"Sekar Bumi means the "flower of the earth" and this is what we think our youths and students here on our farm. From their micro of self awareness to the macro of agriculture and society, our program offers simple connections so they know their cultural heritage via the bioregional dynamics from our land that makes Bali what it is and the youths and people who they are... the beautiful flower of our planet."
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