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"I love being in sync with the cyclical rhythms of the Universe. That's what's so extraordinary about life. It's a cycle of generation degeneration regeneration. I, am just a collection of particles that is arranged into this pattern, then we'll decompose and be available. All that's constituent parts to nature, to reorganize and to another pattern."

Emily Levine 

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Why Bali Beckons You?

Experience a Sacred Journey.

Unlock the full potential from Bali with our internationally renowned regenerative framework, based on an Ancient cosmology; where sustainability harmoniously intertwines with Bali's 'living culture' and spiritual richness, guided by the profound wisdom of Dharma that is connected to your source (Arta) for optimal dynamics (Karma),

Revelation of Trancendence

Recent times have anointed narratives as architects of meaning, shaping how societies decipher complex realms of knowledge. Beyond mere chronicles, narratives encapsulate diverse perspectives, emotions, and ideologies, shaping perceptions, beliefs, and actions. From religious epics to scientific revelations, narratives inspire, educate, and challenge conventional paradigms.

Their potency shines even brighter when confronting modern crises like climate change, offering pathways toward solutions through narrative enrichment of regenerations. Imagine narratives as threads woven through the tapestry of human understanding—a fabric where literature, cultural studies, history, philosophy, psychology, sociology, and communication studies intersect. 


You are cordially invited to join us for an unique experience as we delve into the ancient secrets of spirituality and its energetic connections. "Wariga Science" are our offerings here at WOW Bali. Learn how to elevate your wellbeing and create wealth through an evolutionary design framework. Discover the power within, one's "anta-prana," and seek moments of dynamic leadership to co-create.

Also, by connecting to Bali's "living" ancient cosmology, presented through our nineteen highest spiritual narratives, we can fostering holistic cognitive integration into daily practices that will energize your spirit and awaken your senses as you explore the authenticity of your existence. 


As we explore interconnectedness, it's about feeling, sensing and intuiting, not just thinking. Our ancestors understood this on an energetic level, beyond logical thought. Indigenous cultures, like the Balinese, still follow these energetic cycles in their rituals, connecting with nature and divinity. This interconnectedness flows through all of existence, from trees to the sky, uniting all life forms. It reminds us to respect diversity and honor every thread in the tapestry of existence. Research from Dr. Leonard Shlain has shown when our separations away from interconnectedness of the Goddess energy and pre-literate cultures were principally informed by holistic, right-brain modes that venerated the intuition, compassion, reception, reflection, sensual, gentle but also fierceness, power, embodied strength, and wisdom. ​ Plus, to truly understand this, we must know that spirituality and religion are different. Spirituality delves into feelings and intuition, connecting us to biodiversity and eco-interconnectedness. These energetic shift emphasizes preserving cultures like the Balinese, guiding us toward holistic cognition. This journey takes us into the future, where we realize the importance of environmental stewardship. It binds us to our bio-regions and ancestral heritage. It's not just about nature but also the lives within it that fuel our energetics and its behavior environment. Therefore, the real power of environmental stewardship lies in unity and inclusivity, connecting people, nature, divinity, and spirit; hence the Balinese philosophy of Tri Hita Karana. Embracing our energetic selves offers a glimpse into a future where understanding and connection go beyond the ordinary and so much more. Welcome to WOW Bali! Jero Wiku


Seekers & Explorers 

Seekers & Explorers

Journey to the Energy Realms

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