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  • Multilateral and Inter-sectorial Leaders
    and Managements

  • Inter/Transdisciplinary Researchers

  • Seekers of Higher Consciousness


Narratives that Explore our Highest Consciousness and Create Positive Impacts on Every Aspects of our Life.
Based on Philosophy of Indigenous Science from a Living Culture in Indonesia.


Eight (8) Weeks Workshop Description:

Delve into the rich tapestry of Wariga Science, a concept deeply interwoven with various aspects of life, philosophy, and consciousness at the holistic cognitive integrations levels.

Wariga Science, a major system of Balinese cosmology, has had great impact Internationally. While it's often linked to an impersonal or non-dual perspective, at its core, it's about dualistic theism. However, this perspective doesn't align with the true essence of Wariga teachings.  Think of Wariga Science narrativesas short notes that spiritualist use to guide discussions on Balinese Cosmology. Each narratives is like a starting point for deeper understanding. It is a structured guide, with each part introducing a theme for transcendence, explaining it with reasons and commentaries. Providing quotes from numerous of wisdom teachings to support its premise. This format is meant to show that Wariga Science via a living culture such as the Balinese is reliable and authentic.

Join us for an enlightening workshop where we will unravel the intricate threads of Balinese "living and regenerative” culture and its modern implications. Discover how this cosmological framework shapes not only traditional beliefs but also contemporary politics, economics, and personal development. Through our highest offerings of the nineteen (19) revelations of transcendence |Click Here| defined by Wariga Science, we will have engaging discussions, profound sharing and thought-provoking insights.  We will explore the connections between Wariga Science with quantum paradigms and its fundamental nature of reality to better “know thyself” and in connecting and collaborating with one another.

Transdisciplinary Framework
Regenerative Modalities
WOW's presentation slides from "Curriculum Competency" Workshop for Faculty of Agriculture Departments training at Warmadewa University with Udayana University and Transdiscipinary workshops in promotions of sustainability and regenerative collaborative research for cross-sector developments at Universitas Saraswati Faculty of Law.


Session 1: Introduction to Wariga Science

  • Explore the foundational principles of Wariga Science, including the concepts of Taksu (spiritual energy), Tri Hita Karana philosophy and its cosmic transit cycles.

  • Understand the role and phases of Tantra energy (taksu) and its connection to the cycles of cosmic order.

  • Learn how the cosmological view forms the basis of the Balinese "living” culture and their regenerative ways of life.

Session 2: The Dance of Ing, Ang and OM

  • Dive into the symbolism of the Tantra phases and the dynamic interplay of Ing, Ang and OM.

  • Understand how these opposing forces give rise to balance, harmony, and continuous change.

  • Discover how the rotation and interaction of Ing and Ang shape our perception of reality in the frequencies of OM.

Session 3: The Cosmic Virtue and Human Nature

  • Explore the idea of virtue as an innate aspect of human nature, nature and divinity; influenced by the cosmos.

  • Understand the relationship between human virtues and the larger cosmic framework of energy expanded by quantum paradigms.

  • Discuss how aligning with virtue within the three harmonious paths leads to harmonious living, health and prosperity.

Session 4: The Path of Evolution and Consciousness

  • Examine the evolutionary energy from the micro to macro and its parallels with quantum science.

  • Discuss the nature of consciousness within the seen (sekala) and unseen (niskala); plus its prime role in shaping reality.

  • Explore the concept of shifting consciousness and its energetic potential for personal growth and global change.

Session 5: Cosmology in Daily Life

  • Learn how ancient Wariga Science is intricately linked with astrology and daily practices that you can action research.

  • Understand the practical applications of cosmology in areas such as agriculture, business, and relationships.

  • Discuss how the rhythm of the universe can guide ethical choices and overall well-being.

Session 6: Wariga Science in the Modern World

  • Explore how adaptive leadership integrates cosmological principles into modern politics and global initiatives.

  • Discuss the revitalization of ancient wisdom in the 21st century and its relevance in a globalized context.

  • Examine the intersection of Wariga Science, quantum science, and the future of integrated knowledge.

Session 7: Workshop Reflection and Bali’s "living and regenerative” Cultural  Integration

  • Reflect on key takeaways and insights from the eight (8) workshops.

  • Discuss how participants can apply the principles of Wariga Science to their own lives.

  • Explore the potential for cross-disciplinary collaboration between Eastern and Western; Ancient Future perspectives.

  • Join us on this captivating journey as we bridge the gap between ancient wisdom and contemporary understanding, uncovering the profound ways in which Wariga Science shapes our perception of the universe and the essence of existence itself.

Session 8: Regenerative Dynamics

  • Initiate your own collaborative research for sustainable and regenerative developments.

  • How to attract the resources for sustainable dynamics in regenerations.

  • How to develop your own sustainable community and service extension program for ecosystem regenerative developments.

Workshops are Hybrid Program (Online Zoom & Online Content)
Workshops use "transidioethnography," a transdisciplinary process, to explore the fusion of cultural, artistic, and temporal aspects of consciousness. Through remixing new media, we contemplate the intricate connections among traditions, nature, art, and time, making it ideal for sustainable development. This involves blending the Balinese calendar, taksu, and harmonious paths to immerse learners in a bioregional understanding of landscapes through digital artwork. It creates a multi-layered exploration of holistic cognitive integration that is regenerative each step of the learning exchange. A smartphone with social media content developments and access is required.

Collaborative and innovative. always succeed with your brilliant ideas Hai Dai.
~ Professor Darma Putra
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