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Bali's Kingdom's "Living Culture & Nature" Academy
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Let it be known that by the grace of Balinese Kingdom and in the spirit of togetherness co-create the establishment of an esteemed academy. This institution, dedicated to the preservation and regeneration of traditional cultures and nature, shall serve as a shining beacon of inspiration for future generations. Through the promotion of action research as education and community collaboration, we shall empower individuals and communities to take an active role in shaping a sustainable and regenerative future that is "easy to do and simple to share."

By embracing the concept of "glocal" dynamics, the academy shall provide a platform for the harmonious blending of traditional wisdom and modern knowledge, as well as the cultivation of character through cultural dynamism. In this way, we shall honor the rich heritage and cultural identity of our traditional cultures, while also placing great importance on the preservation of nature for future generations. This academy shall serve as a model of sustainable living in sharing a framework for preserving all cultures and nature. Our philosophies of promoting harmony and balance will inculcate inspirational approaches to embracing regenerative communications within the digital frontiers. It shall be a true reflection of our unwavering commitment to a better future for all.

For "Regenerative Communications" concept video presentation presented to Stikom |Click here.| Also taking action is essential, especially by exploring narratives' significance and relevance, revisiting historical narratives, and integrating values into the curriculum can revitalize education, please review our ebook: |Navigating the Night Sky|

"If only more people around the globe, our fellow citizens of this world, can all learn to see, think AND feel the way you do, Earth -our planet, could & would have been a far cry better, in better shape & better state than it is presently in..." Constance Chew

WOW's 'Cultural Wealth' Collaborations 


Every year, the world loses a staggering three million hectares of agricultural land to soil degradation and an additional four million hectares to urban development such as highways, housing, and factories. In Asia and Bali, this not only leads to land loss but also threatens the cultural wealth and spiritual conscious culture that is so vital to our way of life and food abundance. We must take immediate action to reclaim and preserve our land, cultures, and heritage.

WOW's Cultural Wealth collaborations are dedicated to preserving and promoting traditional and indigenous cultures through sustainable solutions, mutualism, creative economics, and active learning exchanges. By working together and embracing the spirit of community, we can overcome the challenges of globalization and keep our cultural heritage alive. Our WOW Dynamics Framework, also known as the "Path towards Freedom," and eco-tourism programs offer a unique opportunity to experience traditional culture via regenerative health andw wellness in modern contex in a modern context. Come visit our "smart center" sites, such as WOW Sekar Bumi, WOW Batur, WOW Malaka, WOW Taman Sari in Tampaksering and more, currently in development. These are not just tourist destination but also a unique cultural immersion experience.

For Smart Center Development (click here​)


WOW's Dynamics of WELLNESS Framework connects ASEAN!
Join us in promoting community consciousness and learn about Wow's human-centered design framework, "Dynamics of Wellness" through ASEAN Connect's theme of science and technology research and instruction. Our co-founder, Hai Dai, will share how we integrate this framework through extension programs for optimal community outreach and regenerative development.

Don't miss the full live streaming of our presentation presented by Polytechnics University of the Philippines and take the first step in creating a sustainable and conscious communit
y. (click here​)

"Best location, best venue, a great place in town and hosts by enthusiastic people!"
Dr. Gede Maha Putra

'Artist in Residency' Program at the ARMA

Embark on a journey of creativity and sustainability at Wow Bali's ARMA's Wisata Seni Artists' Residency Centre in the heart of Ubud. Our residency program, one of a kind, seamlessly blends modern and traditional art forms with transdisciplinary research and development for regenerative growth.

Experience a unique fusion of East and West, brought to life by the dynamic collaboration between Pak Agung Rai, owner of the Agung Rai Museum and Resort, and WOW co-founder, Hai Dai. Their decades-long friendship and shared vision for a more conscious and culturally rich future has led to the creation of an International Global Banjar, dedicated to grassroots sustainable festival development and fostering hyper-creative collaborations for the evolution of art as a tool for wellness, social dynamics and transformative leadership.

For Listings of Creative Collaborative Research Projects (click here)

"Great answer, I am with you. We can help the world wake up!" Donald Loccisano

WOW 59 Moments


WOW Bali is thrilled to announce our partnership with WOW59 Moments, a youth-led documentary studio that empowers communities with conscious media. Led by founder Jaz Linh and youth mentors such as Kasia Sałata, WOW59 is dedicated to inspiring a dynamic and inclusive culture through collaborative exchanges and real connections.

WOW Bali's Co-founder, Hai Dai, is currently mentoring the team through a transdisciplinary ethnography process to ensure that their messages are SEL (Social Emotional Learning) connected and aligned with sustainable and regenerative development. WOW59 is committed to supporting local communities and projects that share a sustainable and regenerative vision for the planet. Join us in creating a better future by checking out their latest tour in the Philippines happening now!

For Current Documentation Projects (click here​)

Research Collaborations with Warmadewa University


WOW's Sustainable and regenerative (easy to do and simple to share) developments are at the micro (personal) level; resonate to the macro (meta) understandings. These framework can help develop dynamic researchers with a balanced wellbeing, creative autonomy and transformative leadership for optimum translational research; actions for regenerative development!

We love creating these frameworks so any conscious community with curiosity and imagination; plus creativity and fun can find their genius solutions that enable their community to sustain prosperously! Great day of active learning exchanges with Dr. Iwayan Kandera and Dr. Gede Maha Putra at Warmadewa University Research Center.

Our goals are share a simple framework for research advocacy and in regenerating a new breed of 'sustainable dynamics' researchers for translational research and fusion developments. 

For Latest Listings of Research Projects (click here​)

Rishi's Dream


A RISHI'S DREAM" Interactive & Interdisciplinary Collaborative New Media project working with Maestro Anello Capuano.

Based on transidioethnography methodologies, WOW hope to frame this collaboration in a transcultural exchange.  Our New Media collaborations will take us through a journey from Africa to the far East of Asia; initiating collaborations with string instruments and its evolution of musical and cultural arrangements. This world on a string project be identified as showcasing the different uniqueness of cultures but looks seeks for the common thread sameness... humans and love of self expressions.

"A Rishi's Dream", was initiated as improvised music & dance performance at WOW's Imagine Bali, New Year 2018 Celebration at the Mansion Resort in Ubud, Bali. Click here to see a short media translations.

For Current Creative Collaborations Projects (click here​)

WOW Bali's Sustainable Dynamics Developments

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