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Click on image for more details and play button for learning exchange within our SEL Framework at the integrated "Youths" Celebrations Curriculum, Individual and Community based developments.

"'Easy to do, simple to share' i love these words!!!" Dr. Gede Maha Putra

It's always three!


These three (3) framework presented via infographics for big picture perspectives of understandings are the backbone of WOW's sustainable and regenerative developments. Based on the human-centered designs and evolutionary design thinking; integrated with the three harmonious paths from ancient wisdom, the relationships with 1) people to people, 2) people to nature and 3) people to the divine are the WOW FACTORS of WOW's social emotional self learning framework; in easy terms: "easy to do and simple to share." 

NOTE: Sustainable Dynamics is a published article on sustainable and regenerative development framework. Special thanks to JPAIR, Dr. Genaro Virador Japos and Kaye Hazel Aunzo, Executive Editor.

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