WOW Chaired the first Interdisciplinary Research Conference for Sustainable and Regenerative Development via Personal, Organizational and Community Wellness at Mansion Baliwood 2017

WOW presented local communities and traditional wellness practices for International Regenerative Development.

Abstract: The purpose of our Award-Winning Interdisciplinary research and centers are to continue to explore the ‘Art of Living’ based on a living culture here in Bali.  We have found new values from the last of a sustainable culture to regenerate dynamic practices via a panoramic view of the world and to offer next generations a framework that explore sustainable education for optimal living and learning. Key part of the process is to blur the lines between our intelligences, creative arts, and wellness so that it doesn’t categorize and marginalize collaborations and co-creations that affect wellbeing.  Via our creative autonomy to inspire personal wellbeing and learn to co-create one's transformative processes that solves nascent problems that can manifests in today’s global disconnects in living from misinformed" media and consumer based driven messages is our "WOW dynamics" co-wellness centers efforts.

WOW "Co-wellness" (World Organization of Wellness) Initiative is a collaborative research project to develop ‘regenerative wellness’ programs for communities; starting with holistic participations with others, which we have found to be to be the greatest disconnects of our wellbeing. Our ‘sustainable dynamics’ solutions via mutualism, creative economics and learning exchanges, a sharing of resources, naturally bring dynamics to all of our relationships. Our 'heart to heart' relationship creates new partnerships and alliances for optimum systemic dynamics of economic, social and environmental wellness.

Our internationally recognized 'WOW Dynamics" frameworks are readapted from Bali’s living culture for its human transformation framework via 1) dyanamic wellness (a fusion of creativity and wellbeing) 2) creative autonomy (to inspire positive actions via self directed learning) and 3) transformative leadership for optimum sustainable dynamics; the forces and properties that naturally regenerates in the "spirit of togetherness." Recently in 2017-18, we have been recognized by higher education and teachers of research publications and review associations for our interdisciplinary research and research advocacy under our wellness framework. This included fusion development with diverse stakeholders (ARMA Museum, Mansion Resor, Warmadewa University, Local Government of Ubud to name key stakeholders) for optimum regenerative solutions that connects at universality, integrative and transformative levels; meta-philosophy for today’s global solutions.  

Our Co-wellness centers are 

designed to look at wellness

as a collaboration of our 

relationships to refine our 

highest wellbeing that gives 

us intelligence and creativity 
optimum transformation.

• Teacher's Training
• Retreat Facilities
• Festivals
• Residency Xchange


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Research (Smart) Centers in Ubud and Bali.

Our “Co-Wellness” Centers apply action research processes...
WOW is conducting community based Interdisciplinary research and exchange programs; collaborations for multidimensional life style that can regenerate at co-creations processes for optimum the global dynamics. Our research center is perfectly located in Ubud, a renown International destination and home of Bali’s cultural center. Bali is one of the last sustainable ‘living cultures’ that is still thriving via its community-based creative autonomy and wellness practices; based on a thousand years old Hindu (Sanskrit/Ayurveda) philosophy.

Plus Ubud, traditional known as ‘Ubad’ meaning medicine, continues its cultural and geographical legacy of expanding 'spiritual' and wellbeing consciousness in the development of living and wellness practices for today's living. Ubud in that past decade is known for being a thriving community for Yoga, alternative wellness and creative practices for living. Our collaborative research for a more balances and sustainable living cultures, with myriads of modern wellness and creative modalities, makes Ubud in Bali a perfect test bed for our World Organization of Wellness Foundation to seek and share new processes in the ‘Art of Living’ so we can all thrive together. 


Methodologies of Research and Development:
• Wellness presentation of WOW framework for community based knowledge exchange for dialog and focus groups. (i.e. playshops, celebrations, presentations)

• Conducting case study via action research and new media documentations for online regeneration and community based development and sharing via social network. 

• Open invitations to wellness practitioners both traditional and alternative wellness with creative and wellness modalities to co-develop dynamic knowledge findings for sharing via interdisciplinary applications and documentations.
• Collaborations with local practitioners and modalities; combined with co-creations of new modalities for social innovation regenerative development. International invitations will be based on grant support.

• Conduct academic wellness outreach to local schools, Universities (both local and International); including communities and organizations interested in such creative and wellness regenerative developments.

• Identify methodologies for measurements of practices, outcomes and regenerations.

• Develop solutions for the regeneration of services via our sustainable and regenerative living framework (Teacher's Training, Festivals, Residency Program and Retreat Offerings are available)

• Presentations for “action research” and “learning exchanges” will be shared to an International academic review board for deepening of Interdisciplinary research via regenerative development and International Youths Ambassador Team for review.

WHY INTERDISCIPLINARY RESEARCH for community create impact? | Watch Here