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Experience true wellness through collaboration and connection at our co-wellness centers. Our programs in teacher's training, retreat facilities, festivals and residency exchange will help you refine your relationships and reach your highest level of Energy, leading to Intelligence and FLOW for optimal transformation.

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WOW Chaired the first Interdisciplinary Research Conference for Sustainable and Regenerative Development via Personal, Organizational and Community Wellness at Mansion Baliwood 2017

WOW presented local communities and traditional wellness practices for International Regenerative Development.

Abstract: We study how to live well using the traditional culture of Bali. We look for new ways to live sustainably and teach this to future generations. We work with different types of knowledge and skills and try to bring them together to help people better understand health and wealth. We want to help people think for themselves and make positive changes in the world by addressing problems caused by bad information and consumerism. We do this through our research centers and programs, which are based on the Balinese idea of "Three Harmonious Paths."

Our award-winning interdisciplinary research centers are dedicated to the ongoing exploration of the "Art of Living" as it relates to the living culture of Bali; with rituals and ceremonies unchanged and thriving over 1000 years. Through our research, we have identified new values within this sustainable culture that have the potential to regenerate dynamic practices and offer future generations a framework for sustainable education and optimal living. A crucial aspect of this process involves blurring the lines between different forms of knowledge, specifically Intelligences (Susila), Flow (Sabda), and Energy (Taksu), so that collaborations and co-creations aimed at promoting wellbeing are not marginalized or compartmentalized. Utilizing creative autonomy, we strive to inspire personal wellbeing and facilitate the co-creation of transformative processes that address the emerging issues related to global disconnects in living that are perpetuated by the dissemination of misinformation and consumer-driven messages. This focus is reflected in our "WOW Dynamics" program at our co-wellness centers, which is based on the Balinese concept of "Tri Hita Karana"; three harmonious paths.

The "WOW Co-wellness" (World Organization of Wellness) Initiative is a collaborative research project to develop "regenerative wellness" programs for communities, starting with holistic participation with others, which we have found to be the greatest disconnect in our wellbeing. Our "sustainable dynamics" solutions through mutualism, creative economics, and learning exchanges in the sharing of resources, naturally bring easy to do and simple to share solutions to all of our relationships. Our harmonious paths at the "heart to heart" relationship creates new partnerships and alliances for optimal systemic dynamics of economic, social, and environmental wellness.

Our internationally recognized "WOW Dynamics" frameworks are adapted from Bali's living culture for its human transformation framework through: 1) dynamic wellness (a fusion of creativity and wellbeing for optimal energy), 2) creative autonomy (to inspire positive actions through self-directed intelligences), and 3) transformative leadership for optimal flow within sustainable dynamics; the forces and properties that naturally regenerate in the "spirit of togetherness." In 2017-2018, we were recognized by higher education; including research publications and review associations for our inter/trans-disciplinary research and research advocacy under our wellness framework. This included fusion development with diverse local, national and international stakeholders for optimal regenerative solutions that connect at universality, integrative, and transformative levels; a meta-philosophy for today's global solutions.

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Our "Co-Wellness" Centers apply action research processes. WOW is conducting community-based interdisciplinary research and exchange programs, collaborations for multi-dimensional lifestyles that can regenerate through co-creation processes for optimal global dynamics. Our research center is perfectly located in Ubud, a renowned international destination and home to Bali's cultural center. Bali is one of the last sustainable "living cultures" that is still thriving through its community-based creative autonomy and wellness practices, based on a thousand-year-old Hindu (Sanskrit/Ayurveda) philosophy.

Additionally, Ubud, traditionally known as "Ubad" meaning medicine, continues its cultural and geographical legacy of expanding 'spiritual' and wellbeing consciousness in the development of living and wellness practices for today's living. In the past decade, Ubud has become known as a thriving community for yoga, alternative wellness, and creative practices for living. Our collaborative research for a more balanced and sustainable living culture, with myriad modern wellness and creative modalities, makes Ubud in Bali a perfect test bed for our World Organization of Wellness Foundation to seek and share new processes in the "Art of Living" so that we can all thrive together.

Methodologies of Research and Development:

  • The WOW framework will be presented to communities for knowledge exchange and discussion through activities such as workshops, events, and presentations.

  • Research will be conducted through action research and documenting findings with new media for online sharing and community development.

  • Traditional and alternative wellness practitioners will be invited to collaborate and co-develop new knowledge and practices to be shared through interdisciplinary applications and documentation.

  • Collaborations will be formed with local practitioners and new practices will be co-created for social innovation and regeneration. International collaborations will be based on funding.

  • Academic outreach will be done to local schools, universities, communities, and organizations to share information about creative and wellness regeneration.

  • Methods will be established to measure the impact of practices, outcomes, and regeneration.

  • Solutions will be developed to regenerate services through sustainable and regenerative living frameworks (teacher training, festivals, residency programs, and retreat offerings will be available)

  • Research and learning exchange presentations will be shared with an international academic review board for further research and development and to be reviewed by an International Youth Ambassador Team.


WHY INTERDISCIPLINARY RESEARCH for community create impact? | Watch Here

Research (Smart) Centers in Ubud and Bali.

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