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Youth's Initiatives

Check out our work with ASEAN youth leaders using our framework for empowering them through wellness and creativity for sustainable development.

These tools have helped young people become change-makers through social entrepreneurship and action research. Sign up to join our youth initiative and see how we can support your projects and vision through scholarships and sponsorship.

Youth ambassadors from 36 countries have signed the WOW Dynamics declaration, showing their commitment to sustainable and regenerative developments. They have shared their experiences and insights on the importance of these issues.

Unleash your potential as a global youth leader with our "Evolutionary Design Thinking" Program and Tour. This is the ultimate sustainable and regenerative approach for transformative development.

Our young leaders are absolutely amazing and their innovative thinking is a WIN for everyone and every step of the way. Show your support for WOW's Youth Champion, Ms. Kyla Christie, and her crowdfunding project at Babson College's "Study Away" program for social innovation development.

Join us in creating a better future for all!
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Youths Internship Program

We already have the solution inside us to live sustainably and coexist with other species. This program aims to inspire collaboration within our communities to achieve personal well-being and co-create abundance.

If you want to be more dynamic and reach your highest potential, this program can help you do so through the resources you have.
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Are you a university or gap year student looking for a unique and meaningful learning experience? Look no further! Our internationally recognized learning framework offers a dynamic exchange of knowledge through volunteerism and internship programs.

From academic research to co-creating social enterprises, our programs provide a diverse range of opportunities to gain valuable skills and make a positive impact on the world. Don't miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity, join us today!

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