WOW's 'Regenerative' Initiative 

Extension Collaborations 2018


The following videos and action research channels are mile markers of our "Regenerative" Initiatives and offers background information od our dynamic efforts. For more information on WOW Bali; Yayasan Global Banjar International, please review our website and for more current efforts on our Facebook Wow Bali Page. Also, please feel free to download WOW Bali's prospectus from 2012-16. | CLICK HERE

360 Degree Viewing:
This is a documentation of our 'Inaugural MOU meeting' for the development of our 'Regenerative' Initiative. It gives first insights of our development; from considerations of our partnerships and expectations from collaborations. Please review digital MOU for more specific details.

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WOW Action Research

​2017-18 WOW's Research, Instruction & Community Extension Efforts | CLICK HERE

These videos showcased WOW Initiative efforts via interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research methodology; including community exchanges and instructional designs for optimum knowledge exchanges are based on WOW's Framework.


WOW Bali was asked to present our sustainable and regenerative framework at Polytechnics University of the Phillipines ASEAN Connect and here are key 'action research' documentations that might help us better understand Extension developments via technology and science programs and services.


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Over 26 Universities signed with our Initiative at ACIR 2017 Conference.

Dear Partners,  Collaborators and Impact Producers,

Welcome to our sustainable and "regenerative" initiative; a celebration via Extension Development based on Interdisciplinary and Transdisciplinary framework of research and instructions for optimum community regenerative development. Our international collaborations via transcultural knowledge exchanges for global regenerations via sustainable global economics, social dynamics and transformational leaders seeks resources and we have found it in the "spirit of together."

In initiating our human centered design via evolutionary design thinking for regenerative efforts, we want to ensure our institutional partners and collaborative researchers connect at the universality that is inspires maximum integrations for the development of optimum community transformation. Via our Extension Collaborations and its universality (inclusive) programs; combined with transparency via interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary experiential methodologies, translations of collaborations are moments of celebrations in understanding.

By applying our "WOW Dynamics" framework; the 'dynamics of wellness' connects our development efforts at the human's operating system of "intelligence, creativity and wellbeing" that can be easily integrated into Inter-disciplinary research collaborations and instructional designs. This has shown optimum outcome for regenerative community outreach for our "Impact Producers."


January 2013, WOW Bali was case studied by Presidio Graduate School for Sustainable Management for IDEO’s HCDConnect sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with their effort on “Permaculture to Save a Disappearing Culture... WOW Bali has a one two punch approach for community based development."

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WOW International "Regenerative" Initiative and Collaborative Extensions Development connects at the universality of human centered design to simply showcase that sharing the process of  WHYs? together, we can solve most complex global issues. JOIN OUR INITIATIVE Click Here!