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Impact Producer / ˈimˈpakt pro·duc·er /Someone who puts together a talented crew, turns “ideas" into impact, and is responsible for all aspects of a creative production.
*Collaborative in the areas of trans-ethnographic action research.

Impact Producer concept is in alignment with Inwithforward Organization efforts." 

Follow only the BIGGEST ideas! 

Let's turn our safety nets into trampolines and help people move forward. To do this, we need to think beyond just improving current research and focus on sustainable and transformative ideas within our networks. Our goal is to create long-term infrastructure for co-developing the future.

We want to move beyond just pilot projects and create a culture of sustained experimentation and action research. Action research means working with other organizations who share our goals and collaborating to solve issues through sharing knowledge and creative economics. This is what we call 'Grounded Space,' which uses a values-led design methodology to create a new kind of social contract.


Grounded Space 5 principles. Can you commit to these? 
  1. Transforming lives, not just improving services.
  2. Unleashing the power of rich data to drive breakthrough insights and solutions.
  3. Amplifying values and practices to their fullest potential.
  4. Collaborating, co-creating and co-learning for shared power and progress.
  5. Embracing failures, celebrating successes and embracing change with open arms.
In co-creating as Impact Producers, we will: 
  • Continuously exploring and experimenting, striking a balance between excellence and innovation. This requires understanding the current context while pushing beyond current boundaries. "Expanding our perspective before breaking free from it."
  • Coordinating and organizing the team's experience, operations, logistics, and communication effectively. Maintaining team morale and energy through routines, celebrations, and a focus on learning through action.
  • Prioritizing a user-centered approach that is informed by the perspectives, values, and aspirations of older newcomers and newcomers with disabilities.
  • Providing support and guidance for research and design, fostering an encouraging environment and fostering open communication.
  • Inviting diverse stakeholders to contribute their perspectives and voices to the process.
  • Let's inspire change and overcome barriers between organizations and stakeholder groups by anticipating tension points and keeping communication open.
  • ​Let's explore the wider landscape and build relationships to foster growth and new opportunities.
  • Let's take time for reflection and continuous learning, always acting on valuable lessons.
  • Let's share our story and journey with compelling storytelling, making it accessible to all stakeholders, the settlement sector and the community through various mediums such as blogs, photo stories, podcasts, interactive events and webinars.
  • Let's embrace lifelong learning, insatiable curiosity, and innovative thinking to connect the dots and step outside of our comfort zones.

Knowledge Exchange and Action Research INFO:

Keynote Speech from Dr. Timothy Chan at 8th Annual International Conference on Multidisciplinary Research

Video Commentary:At WOW, we are excited about the potential of our knowledge exchange framework to drive real-world impact beyond academia and into the development of sustainable social enterprises. We believe that our regenerative framework can play a critical role in addressing the urgent needs for conservation and preservation of environmental resources, and in shaping the future of regenerative development. Join us in creating and evaluating "Impact Producers" that embody these values and pave the way for a sustainable future.

ALSO WOW Bali is in alignment with Inwithforward Organization efforts of developing "Impact Producers." For more information please visit their website.


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