Impact Producer / ˈimˈpakt pro·duc·er /Someone who puts together a talented crew, turns ideas" into impact, and is responsible for all aspects of a creative production.
*Collaborative in the areas of ethnographic action research.

Impact Producer concept is in alignment with Inwithforward Organization efforts." 

Follow only the BIGGEST ideas! 
It’s time to shift our social safety nets into trampolines, and enable people to bounce up and forwards. For that to happen, we need to do more than improve our present-day research into the "dynamics of regeneration;" follow the biggest ideas that is sustainable and transformative within your networks. We need to re-imagine what services and policies are for at the accessible level. Our aim is to build permanent infrastructure for co-developing what the future looks and feels like. We think it’s time to move beyond pilots and projects to sustained experimental culture & practice... ACTION RESEARCH.
Action research means... creating a collective of other organizations with the same ambitions and mutualizing efforts via sharing creative economics and transparent knowledge sharing to solve issues (S|D Framework) . We call this collective 'Grounded Space.' Grounded Space uses a values-led design methodology, which combines philosophy, anthropology, social psychology, service design, and organizational change. Frameworks to bring to life a new kind of social contract.
Grounded Space 5 principles. Can you commit to these? 
  1. Focusing on flourishing lives, not just better services.
  2. Letting thick data drive insights, and insights drive solutions. 
  3. Deeply scaling values and practices.
  4. Sharing power and learning.
  5. Holding space for failure, letting go and CELEBRATIONS!
In co-creating as Impact Producers, we will: 
  • Relentlessly hold the space for inquiry and experimentation, balancing the tension between achieving best and going after next practice. This requires appreciating current contexts all the while challenging us to move beyond present day thinking. "Expansion of the box first before getting out of the box."
  • Coordinate the experience of the team, choreographing day-to-day operations, logistics, and communications. Keep things moving & energy up by establishing team routines & celebrations, and by getting into a rhythm of learning by doing.
  • Strongly promote a user-led perspective that roots new ideas in the experiences, values, and aspirations of older newcomers and newcomers living with disabilities.
  • Support team members to dive deepinto research and design by creating an environment rich in encouragement, hosting frank conversations, and offering direction & supervision.
  • Invite key stakeholders inside and outside of the organization to the table at the right times; embracing different perspectives and voices. 
Predict tension points and address barriers  between organizations and stakeholder groups. You’ll keep everyone up-to-date and open to shifts in strategy.
  • Map and understand the broader organizational & community landscape – and along the way, build relationships to allow new things to sprout and grow. 
  • Make room for thoughtful reflection & developmental evaluation, surfacing and quickly acting on emerging lessons. 
  • Produce compelling storytelling materials to bring people along for the journey. Translate findings to stakeholder groups, the settlement sector and the broader community in a range of formats – blogs, photo stories, podcasts, interactive events, webinars. 
  • Model lifelong learning, insatiable curiosity, and lateral thinking – that quirky capacity to connect dots, find fresh reference points, and go outside of your comfort zone.

Knowledge Exchange and Action Research INFO:

Keynote Speech from Dr. Timothy Chan at 8th Annual International Conference on Multidisciplinary Research

Video Commentary: WOW is interested with this knowledge exchange and how our framework can be applied as pillars for assessing research impact beyond academia and into the development of social enterprises for sustainable development. With the desperate needs in conservation and preservation of the environmental resources and the demands for regenerative development that WOW“s regenerative framework can be offered as a baseline in creating such such values in creating  and evaluating our “Impact Producers.”

ALSO WOW Bali is in alignment with Inwithforward Organization efforts of developing "Impact Producers." For more information please visit their website.