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Regenerative Design Education:
The foundation of our regenerative workshops is rooted in a hollistic cognitive integration framework based on the highest of Balinese's ancient living cosmology defined in our highest wisdom offerings of these nineteen narratives.
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      In short combines elements of Balinese ancient cultural practices via ceremonies and rituals based on the utilization of ancient cosmic transit cycles and the promotion of tantra processes for the development of Tatsu spiritual energy via the three harmonious paths in connections with people to people, people to environment and people to their personal divinity.
      This integration is juxtaposed with contemporary methodologies drawn from cognitive science and quantum physics. The primary aim of this approach is to harmonize the dimensions of body, mind, and spirit through the incorporation of multiple intelligences and sustainable/ regenerative principles. To facilitate the transmission of this profound cosmological wisdom to a broader audience, contemporary digital media processes are employed. Furthermore, the use of social media platforms is leveraged to achieve optimal regenerative outcomes.
       Within this context, a transdisciplinary approach known as transidioethnography is implemented, allowing for a comprehensive engagement with learners. This learning approach also encompasses elements of "action research" which serves to enhance the development of social and emotional intelligence among participants.
      In addition, it contributes to the design communication framework within self-directed design education that not only enriches the lives of the individuals involved but also extends its positive impact to the broader community they serve.
Wow's Presentation for Saraswati University Law Department
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