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Frequently Asked Questions for the Digital Nomad's Journey to Energetic Mastery

General Program Questions

Q1: What is the "Digital Nomad's Journey to Energetic Mastery" program about?
A1: This program is tailored for digital nomads and individuals seeking to harness the power of their energy and unlock the full extent of their freedom. It combines ancient Balinese wisdom with modern techniques to enhance your well-being, productivity, and leadership skills; transdisciplinary approach.

Q2: Who is the instructor for this program?
The program is taught by Jero Balian, a Healer Priest, and an experienced digital nomad, who will guide you through the principles of 'Wariga Science' and Balinese ancient cosmology.

Q3: What are the key concepts covered in the program?
A3: The program covers concepts such as understanding flow and energy in daily life, mindset and consciousness, relationships and communication, work and productivity, meditation and spiritual growth, practical applications, building aura and Taksu, advanced energy techniques, final projects, and graduation.

Q4: How long is the program?
A4: The program consists of ten modules, and the duration may vary depending on your pace of learning and participation in group activities.

Module-Specific Questions

Q5: What will I learn in [J] 1: Introduction to Go & Flow-States Living?
A5: Module 1 introduces the concept of flow and energy in daily life, helps you differentiate between cognitive thinking and energy sensing, and explores the energetic system of Taksu, including its relation to days, time, and cardinal directions.

Q6: Can you provide more details about [J] 4: Work and Productivity?
A6: In Module 4, you'll learn how to plan work and tasks based on energy cycles, achieve productivity by aligning with the energy flow, and handle work-related challenges on less favorable energy days.

Q7: What is covered in [J] 7: Building Aura and Taksu?A7: Module 7 delves into understanding the concepts of aura and Taksu (spiritual energy) and provides techniques to build and strengthen your aura and Taksu for optimal resonance. You'll also learn how to use your aura and Taksu for healing, energetic transmission, and protection.

Q8: Is there a certification at the end of the program?
A8: Yes, the program culminates in Module 10: Graduation and Certification. You'll undergo final assessments and evaluations at an organic tropical flower farm. Upon successful completion, you'll receive initiation and certification with a blessing from the Kingdom at the Puri (King's Temple).

Enrollment and Participation

Q9: How can I enroll in the program?
A9: You can enroll by visiting our website and following the registration process. Make sure to check for upcoming program dates and availability.

Q10: Is this program suitable for beginners, or do I need prior experience in energy work?
A10: This program is designed to be accessible to individuals with various levels of experience. Beginners and those with prior knowledge can both benefit from the teachings and practices.

Q11: Do I need any specific equipment or materials to participate in the program?
A11: The program primarily involves mental and energetic practices. You will need a smart phone installing up to date Ai and digital new media Apps

Q12: What can I do after completing the program?
A12: After graduation, you'll have the opportunity to continue your journey of flow-based living and regeneration. You can explore further collaborative research studies and/or join our Community Regeneration (CORE) Networks, and apply what you've learned to personal or professional projects towards being global innovative technology nomad.

Q13: How can I stay connected with the community and instructors after the program?
A13: You'll have access to a Community Regeneration (CORE) Networks of like-minded individuals and may stay connected through our extended programs; enabled by the Global Innovative Technology mentorship and internship programs. In short, we will have instructors and mentors via our CORE Networks for guidance and support.

Join us on this transformative journey to harness your energy and achieve your 'ultimate freedom'!

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