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In the WOW Nomad "ENERGIZE" Module, Balinese healer priest & OG Nomad Jero Wiku guides digital nomads on embracing ancient energetic cycles and prime directions for optimized productivity during their nomadic journeys. Jero Wiku encourages aligning with one's personal energy rhythms, strategically planning active (GO) and restful (FLOW) states. This is a simple framework for one's own action research based on their individuals energy dynamics. This introduction leads to the Prime Directions knowledge you can download for FREE, rooted in Balinese Wariga Science. In supporting nomads thrive by embracing their natural energy cycles. 


Energizing Your Nomadic Journey: Embracing Ancient Cycles for Maximum Productivity... LET'S START HERE!

Every digital nomad, much like myself, will emphasize the importance of consistency and daily presence in your remote work. However, after nearly three decades of embracing the nomadic lifestyle, I've come to realize that this one-size-fits-all approach doesn't align with our ever-shifting energies on the road. In this ENERGIZE MODULE, I want to address those of us who don't find it feasible to show up every single day, whether due to variations in creativity or the demands of our transient lives. I want to reassure you that it's okay not to conform to a rigid daily routine, and in fact, you can leverage ancient energetic cycles from a living culture such as the Balinese to supercharge your productivity and creativity... and just RELAX.

Greetings, fellow wanderers. I'm Jero Wiku, Balinese healer priest, and I'm here to help you unlock your full potential as a digital nomad. Our nomadic lifestyle is unique, and we must adapt to the ebbs and flows of energy and inspiration while on the GO. As a healer priest for Bali’s kingdom and co-founder of, a sustainability NGO specializing in regenerative cultures in offerings of Ngayah (Seva), I understand the need for flexibility and balance. I'm a firm believer in living life to the fullest, whether that means exploring new horizons or soaking in different cultures. I've never been the type to confine myself to work from dawn to dusk every day of the week, and I've learned to embrace this way of life. While many voices may insist on a constant work ethic, especially in the early stages of your digital nomad journey or energetic transitioning, I'm here to tell you it's not a requirement. You can succeed without being 'on the GO' all the time.

The first step for digital nomads is to attune ourself to the rhythm of our energy. Traditional work paradigms are often tied to the daily grind, but as nomads, we experience fluctuations in our energy levels that align more with anenergetic cycles than the nine to 5 work week. These natural ebbs and flows influence our mental and emotional states. Rather than dismissing this as mere mysticism, it's essential to recognize that our brains, hormones, and daily energy levels are indeed shaped by these more extensive cycles. We aren't designed to operate at the same high level of productivity every single day, and that the alignment of rest and/or down time is just as important as the high level of productivity states. The key is to tune in to your unique energetic patterns and align it with the universal forces to maximize outcomes and optimize efforts... even much much more.

Once you've developed an alignment of your personal energy cycles, you can then strategically plan your busy and restful periods. As digital nomads, we often find that we have distinct 'on' and 'off' phases during our journeys. For some, this could be a two-week-on, two-week-off rhythm, while others may follow a different pattern. The secret is in recognizing when you're at your most energetic and productive, then capitalizing on that phase. You can organize your most essential, long-lasting work activities during this period. At the basic connections, you're at your creative peak while wandering through bustling cities or exploring serene landscapes. It's during these times that you can produce content that will endure beyond the moment... Now there is even more.

When it comes to the 'rest' phase for digital nomads, it doesn't necessarily mean you must completely disconnect from work. Rest, or "FLOW" in our context, can mean transitioning into maintenance mode. You continue to serve your existing clients or students, create smaller pieces of content, and maintain your business at a steady state. This approach is more conducive to your natural energy cycles. It's a sustainable way to balance work and leisure. Moreover, it's a lifestyle choice that allows you to maintain boundaries and prioritize personal rejuvenation.

If you're a digital nomad and/or telecommute, it's crucial to design your schedule to suit your needs. You can choose not to work during weekends or adapt your work hours to a rhythm that aligns with your natural energy cycle for optimal energetics in outcomes and endurance for ease of life. Remember, rest is not a luxury; it's a necessity for long-term productivity. Taking a step back and giving yourself the permission to recharge ensures that burnout doesn't become an unwelcome guest in your journey. More importantly, saving your energy and releasing guilt to truly relax so you and optimize your flow to maximize your GO days!

We have provide an action research framework based on the basics of these energetic cycles so you can see the power from the universe via our sensings, feelings, and intuiting which I believe can help digital nomads make the most of their nomadic lifestyles. This framework will start aligning your energetic cycles based on their energy dynamics to better GO and FLOW in your outcomes and relationships. Some of us work better with structured bursts of energy, allowing us to create in waves. Others thrive on a more constant and consistent work routine. Then there are those who gather energy through interactions and collaborations, and for them, creating 'life' in real-time is the way to go. You will know where you align within these cycles and how you relate to these energetics. 


CLICK to download Energize your Prime Directions PDF to ignite your understanding of our energetic cycles based on Wariga Science from one of the oldest living culture such as the Balinese. Remember, as a digital nomad, your path is uniquely yours, and embracing your natural energy cycles is important factor to success. Safe travels and remember to energize! Love and Energy, Jero Wiku.

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