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BACKGROUND / Synthesis

SEPTEMBER 2018, WOW Co-Founder, "Prof/Guru" Hai Dai was asked to present at SEOMEO CECCEP First International Seminar. After WOW has presented at the largest Philippine's university, Polytechnics University of the Phillipines (PUP), AseanConnect 2018 on the theme "One ASEAN, One Framework & One Unity." WOW's framework was initiated from Early Child Care Education development since 2001 and applied for UNESCO's Digital Youths Ambassador Program in 2006. PLUS WOW's renown framework was case studied by (2003) and by Presidio Graduate School for Sustainable Management for the Bill and Melinda Gate Foundation (2013) and presented in numerous International conferences (APEC, APO, FEALAC, ICRAFF, DAP and more).

At the 2018 SEAMEO International Seminar held in Bali, Indonesia, the Indonesia's Ministers of Education Dr. Effendy, presented on the current Industry Revolution 4.0 in Education and Plenary Speakers from ASEAN countries shared their standings and supported such preparations to encourage a "spirit of togetherness" among all SEAMEO Centers efforts. Full Presentation Synthesis of the Fourth Industrial Revolution for Education (FIRE) gathered and prepared by Hai Dai | Click Here

After Hai Dai's dynamic presentation of  WOW Bali's human-centered design framework as "ECCE as the Baseline to the Seven (7) Priorities of Sustainable Education," Hai Dai was asked to sit in SEAMEO CECCEP's Governing Board as an advisor. From there, Hai Dai shared his knowledge on WOW's scalable framework within Innovative Financing Seminar Workshop with representatives from ASEAN countries, followed by a two (2) days retreat of Synchronizing and Harmonizing of SEAMEO CECCEP Programs. These series of conference, seminars, workshops and programs lead WOW to share our accessible, scalable, and ubiquitous WOW’s framework that is most dynamic for the co-creations of a Knowledge Environment integrated Information Exchange Systems that is fully effective/ affective for ASEAN's communications platform via an information sharing and adaptive learning exchange systems. | FULL AUDIO Click Here

In short, WOW's extensive sharing at SEAMEO's gatherings has synthesize our exchanges; plus WOW's recent SEL's "Together We Can" case studies, we defined that our  most dynamic exchange in leveraging WOW's framework for collaborative stakeholders is to initiate a 'Low Cost' High Impact"Solution. This way, "together we can" solve the biggest growing needs in South East Asia of providing SEL training programs for parents and teachers within the schools and industries for the preparedness of the Fourth Industrial Revolutions in Education (FIRE).

After WOW's extensive sharing with SEAMEO CECCEP, we have defined that our most dynamic exchange in leveraging our framework for collaborative stakeholders is to offer 'Low Cost' High Impact" Solutions.... 

For More Information:
CORPORATE DEV:  +(62) 878 501 68 968
INTL. DIRECT Whatapps: +(63) 947 702 3705

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WOW SEL Modules

PRESENTING WOW Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Modules,
WOW's evolutionary design systems framework toward optimum regenerative dynamics. 
Our dynamic offerings for Corporate Management Training; focused toward parent's management and  employees via our Social Emotional Learning Modules; an integrative wellness and experiential action learning programs for sustainable and regenerative management leaders.

Our "action research" based programs will also provide an inter-living learning experiences to empowers the social emotional development of your collaborative networks and turn them into data scientists to affect productivity of your organizations. PLUS our integrative learning modules will assists and facilitate training for the developments of teachers and parents within our school’s networks to showcase  SEL’s capacity that are 
“qualified with relevance & competency” to meet the priorities of sustainable education.

Featuring Winter 2018-19 SEL modules below:
SEL Learnging Modules.jpg
SEL FRAMEWORK INTRODUCTIONS: Modules are based on a UNIQUE framework that connects social emotional learning at one’s levels of dynamics. Our scalable, ubiquitous and accessible framework connects you at your levels of social emotional capacity and guarantee success since you already know your emotional connections and within our framework helps you reveal one’s true nature. It's that SIMPLE!
Children are both future.jpg
LIFE SUCCESSES: Children are BOTH of our future is based on an ubiquitous design within WOW SEL Modules. What this means is the social emotional skills that your child needs for success in learning are the same skills that you need for sustainable and regenerative leadership and optimum management dynamics. What if the same skills of empowering your youths are the same skills of empowering your collaborative networks and provide you with capacity for new leadership? Together we can and both in being amazing!
CONDITIONS VS. CONNECTIONS: Relationships and Learning shift our outcomes from just being effective to aspiring affectiveness for relatedness in living and all of our relationships. Starting with Self and our relationships with others TO connections in living and learning with our children and dynamically co-creating within collaborative networks. Strive towards success and significant starts here!
What Intelligence are you.jpg
Creative Intelligence: Knowing your intelligence offers a variety of insights into how to inspire your creativity and imagination and connect to your optimum wellbeing. With these insights, you aspire yourself and child into your optimum potentials and influences maximum opportunities for yourself; as well as, all of your relationship and your collaborative networks for real life successes.
ECCE Training.jpg

For whom are we offering the modules: 
• For corporate...
click here!
• F
or educators... click here!

• For parents... click here!
• For children... click here!

Latest Social Integrations Development: October 2018 - Social Emotional Learning Modules & Framework Training within Kindergarten Public Schools Curriculum (3 - 6 years old) for 25 Provinces in Cambodia.

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