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Narratives about Astrology

Astrology's mainstreaming is gaining momentum in the United States and globally since 2012. Despite being dismissed by mainstream culture as a form of "magical thinking," numerous journalists have tried to comprehend this cultural phenomenon.

Narrative 1 suggests that the boom in astrology is driven by the digital age and Millennials. Astrology offers a sophisticated conversation beyond pop sun sign horoscopes, providing personalized material and targeting women.

Narrative 2 suggests that people search for meaning during stressful times and crises. Astrology offers a framework to make sense of such times, providing tangible reminders that everything will be fine.

Narrative 3 highlights that capitalism has discovered astrology, with venture capitalists and companies investing in the space, including apps, astro-themed beverages, and astrology merchandise.

Narrative 4 suggests that humans have an innate need for spirituality, despite it being illusory. The cosmic and personal nature of astrology is appealing in a time of division and values the gray areas.

While all narratives hold some truth, they all assume that astrology is an unfounded belief system. However, there is a growing body of scientific evidence that supports the correlations between the movements of the planets and the state of human psyche. Perhaps the implicit assumption that astrology is B.S. is erroneous, and it genuinely works.

Astrology provides a sense of comfort by offering a framework for the chaotic world. It establishes order in a world where there is none, and it offers a foundation for the uncertain future. New York Times columnist and podcaster Jenna Wortham uses astrology and states that looking to the natural order of the world offers her comfort. PLUS here in the living culture of Bali whom uses the transit calendar of Wariga for over a thousand years for all of their living perceptual projections and still thriving untouched living cultures today! Understanding how the world changes, and how our actions affect that change offers solace amidst the surrounding chaos.

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